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Fishing and Hunting – A Complete Guide for Newbies

Fishing and Hunting – A Complete Guide for Newbies

The emergence of killer virus Corona and resultant Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the world scenario. Most adversely affected is the United States that has topped the world in terms of total numbers of affected people as well as the deaths occurring due to the killer virus.  With an emphasis on social distancing and confinement at their homes on one hand and loss of jobs on the other hand it has also impacted the people in various trades including fishing and hunting.

Food Security

fishing hunting

Even though mobility is restricted due to various directions by authorities yet the fishing and hunting can provide an alternative source of food security for people saving them from starvation. With the possibility of losing the occupation, not only the active traders but also others are turning towards fishing in a big way.

Alternative Income Source

People independently using the trades of fishing or hunting have the advantages of independence and self-employment without looking for an employer. This is a big advantage and morale booster for the people practicing fishing and hunting as they do not feel the absence of any source of regular income.


Adopting either fishing or hunting or both as a source of income giving the people stability in life also needs addressing certain challenges.

  • Hunting of certain types of animals and fishes may be prohibited and they should be excluded from the fishing and hunting lists;
  • Hunting needs greater mobility and facing more dangers in comparison to fishing that only requires a water source where fishing can be carried on conveniently.

Fishing Hunting as Income Sources

Lockdowns and shutdowns imposed extensively by authorities to prevent the spread of the contaminations in the places and among people. This has not only restricted movements but has also resulted in millions of losing jobs and the worst affected are the working-class people. For such people; fishing, as well as hunting, offers a feasible source of food as well as income because collections beyond personal needs can be sold out generating income as buying and selling of meat and fish products has not been prohibited by the authorities in Covid-19 affected areas.

Staying Away from Crowd

One of the greatest advantages of getting into fishing hunting is that the person involved in the profession does not need to get into crowded places as fishing is usually carried out in water sources that are not overcrowded and hunting is also carried out in forests. This gives the performers greater immunity from corona infections as they can avoid the crowd.

Self-sufficient Food Access in Covid-19 Era

One of the advantages of either fishing or hunting is that it gives people an avenue for self-sufficient food access. They can also benefit from getting a source for extra-income exclusively because of the movements by fishers and hunters coming from other areas due to movement restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

Increasing Trend of Big Game Licenses

Until recently, the applications for big-game licenses across the United States increased during the season times. The trend was expected to come down due to coronavirus restrictions. However, there was no reduction in such applications as local people took in a big way to big game licenses to keep ready an alternative inventory when they are unable to get to the grocery stores. Fishing hunting also offers an alternative income source in addition to food security.

A Year-Round Activity

For many states in United States fishing is a year-round activity and interested people use to fish in boats all round the year. There are two types of fishing enthusiasts. One group is professional fishers that have taken to the profession as their source of livelihood. The other group is that of fun-loving amateurs that take to fishing as a source of entertainment.

Hunting in the United States

Hunters in the United States constitute 5.5 percent of the country population whereas in some states is around as high as 9 percent. An example is Minnesota where the number is around 4.50,000 that take to hunting. Some programs like Youth Waterfall Hunting Day and Outdoor Woman that are intended to popularize fishing hunting in the state and the country.

Best Accessories for Fishing

People looking for taking to either fishing or hunting need the best equipment for carrying out the operations. For fishing, they need high-quality equipment like –

  • Strong and durable fishing nets for bulk fishing;
  • Qualitative fishing rods that are preferably folding and portable for individual fishing;
  • Use of high-quality baits for attracting the fish; and
  • High-quality reels, wheels, cords, and hooks for the fishing rods among others.

Best Accessories for Hunting

For hunting; the requirements of the hunters are having the ideal weapon for hunting. With the rapid advancement of technology guns with telescopic sighting, facilities are available. Also; the weapons for hunting are easily portable being lightweight and user-specific matching the anatomic structure of the users and also other supporting equipment facilitating the process of hunting also keeping the safety of the hunter.

What to Keep in Mind while Fishing and Hunting

People getting into the act of fishing and hunting have to keep in mind the legal restrictions imposed on the activities under the law of the land like The Endangered Species Act that prohibits fishing or hunting of species identified as unique and highly vulnerable. Conforming to legal requirements can dispense with the chances of facing unpleasant surprises and legal consequences resulting from unlawful hunting and fishing. Also; one has to take care of following the Covid-19 guidelines put in place by the state or federal authorities.

While resorting to fishing and hunting it is also necessary to understand the intricate issues involved in the process. While such activities stand out as one of the choicest activities for livelihood, experts available on an informative and educative website can help to build up the right strategies for getting the best benefits of the activities.

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