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Fishing for Beginners – The Best Outdoor Hobby of All Time

Fishing for Beginners – The Best Outdoor Hobby of All Time

Fishing is a hobby. If you want to be an angler, then it must come from within. Or, you have seen someone close who is fond of fishing. Fishing might seem complicated in the beginning, but it is not only easy but also an interesting option to enhance your hobbies. Moreover, you don’t need too many things for fishing. A waterbody, necessary fishing permissions, your fishing gears, and interest are the key factors in the case of fishing for beginners. There are different types of fishing – Spin Fishing, Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing, Salt Water Fishing, etc. Although the changes are majorly in different patterns, the basics of fishing remain the same everywhere.

Here is the step by step guide of fishing for beginners:

Finding a Place for Fishing

Fishing for Beginners

If you know any local or distant area where fishing is allowed, you can contact the local administrator for necessary permissions. You may ask veterans who are fishing regularly about any probable spot. They can guide you well. You can take the help of Google also to search for any fishing arena nearby. Whatever be the option, you will find a sport without much effort. Picking the right spot matters, especially in the initial days. Else you might lose interest in fishing if you fail in repeated attempts. Choose such a place where people used to go fishing and there are records of fishing in recent days.

Permission and License

If normal permission is enough for fishing, then you can go for that. But, if the authority asks for any fishing license, then you have to apply in the proper channel. This might be an online or offline process and will involve financial transactions based on the validity and other aspects of fishing. Once you are equipped with either permission or license, then it’s ideal to start fishing.

Fishing Etiquette

Some people may raise eyebrows reading this. But, yes, there are fishing etiquettes and you have to obey those. You should not make loud noise there and don’t bang on to someone who is already fishing. Show your respect to other anglers and choose a calm spot.

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Fishing Line Knots – A Must to Know for an Angler

Fishing Gears

There are ample gears available for fishing. But a combination of rod and spinning reel is enough for beginners. You have to purchase those from any local shop or even online. The shop owner or manual will teach you how to use this combo of rod and reel. This is the most important gear of fishing for beginners. So one should give utmost focus on the quality of the equipment.

Fishing Skills

From your initial days, you must be aware of the skills required for fishing. This will not only help as a beginner but also will help you, in the long run, to understand the subject deeply. The most important skill is tying various types of knots as per requirement. Let’s name a few knots and you have to learn the techniques of tying those knots.

Some popular and useful knots are:

  • Palomar Knot
  • Double Surgeon’s Knot
  • Double Uni Knot
  • Albright Line Joining Knot
  • Blood Fishing Knot
  • Clinch Knot
  • Trilene Knot
  • Barkley Braid Knot
  • Nanofil Knot

How to Catch a Fish?

There are several steps before finally catching a fish. It normally starts with the bait choosing and goes on till you catch a fish ultimately. Here are the steps:

  • Choosing the Bait

While choosing the bait, you have to decide at first if you want any natural bait or artificial bait. A fish likes both natural as well as artificial bait, so you have to choose between them. You can use leeches, worms, crayfish, grasshopper, cricket, minnows as live baits. Fishes love to eat these more than anything else. Depending upon the choice, you can select saltwater baits like sea worms, shrimp, pieces of fishes, etc. If you are fond of artificial bait, then various options like jigs, flies, spoons, poppers, and spinners are available in the market. But in case of fishing for beginners, the natural or live baits are recommended mostly.

  • Setting the Bait in the Hook

Learning to fix the bait in the hook of the rod is the key for you as a beginner. It should be fixed properly and you have to be patient enough to have the first fish.

  • The First Fish

If you notice that you are getting a bite when the bobber moves up or down. Or even in some cases, it will drive from one side to another. Don’t rush, wait for the fish to eat the bait. After 5 seconds depending on the fish, you start pulling the bait out from its mouth when it exhales. Start reeling slowly and lift the rod tip to set the hook into the mouth. You might miss in the first couple of opportunities, but once you can understand the trick then it is the easiest task for you. Once you successfully hooked and reeled a fish, bring it close to the shore. Hold it gently and remove the hook from its mouth. Keep it in a closed box.

Tips and Tricks

  • You may hire a local guide for better fishing in your early days when you are a beginner. You can learn a lot from him, especially the technique of catching the fish. They have a clear idea and understanding of the availability of the fishes in specific locations. That will also help you in starting days.
  • You can attend several workshops and clinics organized by the local Fishery authorities. Even some free fishing days are also declared when you can go fishing without any expense.
  • Ample video tutorials are available over the Internet. You can check those, too.

Initially, it might be a bit intimidating for you as you are at the beginner level, but this is one of the simplest hobbies one can choose. This outdoor even has lots of advantages and you will find more interest once you catch fish one after another. Just fishing for beginners needs an extra interest in that subject with some proper planning and good equipment. Embrace a new experience. Who knows, you might be a great angler in the future.

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